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Three months later

"Tyson don’t you dare forget my hot cheetos, marshmallows, box of Krispy Kremes and nuggets!", Lani aggressively warned as I clenched my jaw tight and literally had to bite down on my tongue to refrain from saying something foul. "Call me one more time and Imma…

August 01 2014, 06:47 PM
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Instagram Videos by Chris Brown

August 01 2014, 06:39 PM

Untitled by Monica Galvan


Untitled by Monica Galvan

August 01 2014, 06:22 PM

While Im typing I had a hilarious epiphany…

All these new IG vids of Chris make me realize that Xavier is CB. aside from his serious boss man side and the evil parts of him, he is fucking goofy as fuck. A little moody but he’s silly as shit.
When he feels like it.

August 01 2014, 06:18 PM

August 1: Chris Brown seen relaxing on a yacht with friends in Saint-Tropez, France.

August 01 2014, 06:08 PM

Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.

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Josephine Baker


I sat at the counter, listening to Marvin humming something as he cleaned up the kitchen. That man has so much talent, it’s really quite a shame he had to come here the way he did. I mean being killed by your own father a day before your…

July 31 2014, 10:17 PM

Just to speak my mind... 


I’ve seen some anons get real disrespectful today and after the incident on my blog I’m just over it. Let me just say as writers we take pride in our stories as well as time. We don’t need inconsiderate assholes to come onto our blog and bash us because of who we use as characters, how…