My apologies for lack of updates.

School comes first always so that’s really been eating up my time to write. 

The three recent updates are here in cause you’ve missed them:

This includes chapters and the journal.

Hopefully I’ll gain time to update soon!


note to self: be unapologetic about being yourself!!!


Why you delete what you said seenoevilff ?

I was gone kik you missy I didn’t think you was online.

[Interlude]: [You Owe Me] (CJ)





I looked up from the steps I was sitting on as my cousin handed me a cold, glass bottle of Heineken after popping off the cap, and I scowled at him as he took a seat next to me, resting his elbows on his knees and slouching forward. It was no secret he was going…

new playlist (turn your headphones down I suggest because I don’t know how to take the autoplay off): 

A$AP Rocky - Multiply

Rick Ross Feat. Jay Z - The Devil is a Lie

2 Pac - Hail Mary

Chris Brown - Autumn Leaves

The Weeknd - Devil May Cry

A fiction written by me is proven to be more popular if no one knows it’s me….

Six| the Moon


The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to - Carl Sandburg

Kori Ramsey

The summer semester was coming to an end. I only had a couple days left in Tally. And a couple weeks left before I am off to New Orleans to see my dad. The more I think about my parents, I do…